Freelance Sound Designer based in Gothenburg.

Working experience with Unreal Engine and Blueprint script, Unity and C# scripting. Skills include Ableton Live, FMOD, Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications, Unity 3d, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, Helix Visual Client (P4V).

people talk

Anders is very skilled in sound design and sound implementation for games and pays high attention to details. We had a great collaboration on Mutant Year Zero, and I would recommend him any day to any game studio looking for a sound designer.
Robert Lundgren
Composer/Music Producer/Sound Designer
ADUNION Audio Works
I would have no problem recommending Anders for a sound design role. He helped us with sound design and in engine sound implementation on Mutant Year Zero to a high standard. He always got things done and was able to work Independently without much input. If you need a motivated sound designer Anders is your man.
Lee Varley
Game Director
The Bearded Ladies Consulting
I can without hesitation recommend Anders for any role related to sound design. He was an excellent student who always took assignments seriosly and went beyond what was asked of him to learn as much as he could. He always delivered on time and with outstanding results every time.
Per Anders Ă–stblad
Nifty Sound
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